Cordyceps CS-4 Capsule

Size: 60 Capsule
Sale price₹ 4,200


Dosage : -1 Capsule 2 times in a day

600 mg. 60 capsule per bottle

Cordyceps is a rare combination of a caterpillar and a Fungus
Found at altitudes above 3500-5000m in Tibetan. The Fungus
etches onto the caterpillar, then takes it over completely in
Winter season (it is called as ‘winter worm’ in Chinese). When
it comes to spring season in the following year, a slender stem
will grow outside in the host’s body (therefore it is called
‘summer grass’ in Chinese). Benefits of CS-4, Pro sexual, Natural Viagra, kidney dieses, heart, liver, anti-astama, anti-cancer, anti-tumor.

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